1. Visit, click start here or the + sign (when using a mobile device).
2. Scroll down to Eprofile and click or just click this link
3. Click register in the menu bar.
4. Fill in your details. (You may register with your phone number or email address).
5. Upload your profile picture and background images. By clickingthe gear like setting button.
6. The circularbox is for your profile picture, while the bigger rectangular bax, is for your background image.
7. Click blank compose menu box, to fill in your professional details, phone number, email, qualifications, business, job need, products for sale and relevant information about you and your business. Please use, key words, to distinguish your profile. Avoid abbreviations.
8. Upload and your Eprofile is ready for the world to view and reach you.

***Now that you’re there:
9. Click the search bar, and type any key word, it’ll bring whoever has that word in his/her biography.
10. You can always, edit your biography, to meet any changes in your life, business and more.
YOU’RE NOW PART OF A WORLD, WHERE EASILY YOU CAN BE REACHED., is your one stop, easy to navigate e-commerce site and the Eprofile technology, is unmatched.

The Eprofile seach menu is your best bet. Type a key word or name, and the results, wouldbe loads of Eprofile users, with such keyword in their Biography.
1. You can pick phone numbers or email users to reach them.
2. You can buy any products or engage Eprofile users.
3. You can recruit, by typing a particular keyword of the employees, you’re looking for.

Notes: It’s very key, you read our terms and conditions, as you proceed, to use the Eprofile platform.

Thank you.

“You’d be glad you created an Eprofile account today”.